Father Maciel and a group of Legion seminarians surround Pope Pius XII during a visit to Rome in 1950. Macie, wearing glasses,l is behind the Pope's right.... ...is finding patterns/shapes in things even if there is no meaning in said pattern/shape. Brain: "oh shit, that looks like a snake in the leaves.". Aug 1, 2019 Just an unfortunate coincidence, no doubt Boy Lover Symbolism? Francis' World Youth Day Vestments seem to feature Pedophile Logo.. Aug 18, 2020 Symbols in the 2007 report[edit] BLogo aka "Boy Lover".png LBLogo aka "Little Boy Lover logo".png Boy Lover Logo on a necklace.png Boy.... Mar 11, 2016 Florida mother Nicole O'Kelly couldn't believe it when she heard the stuffed toy she bought for her daughter at Monster Jam may have a symbol.... Mar 20, 2016 A mom just bought a toy for her 2-year-old that signals to pedophiles that the girl is ready to be traded for sex. Wait, what? I'd repeat it, but it still.... Aug 9, 2018 The "Doughnutgate" theory claims that Voodoo, the internationally famous Portland doughnut franchise, is the front for a child trafficking ring. The.... Nov 1, 2018 The ways pedophiles communicate with one another range from simple symbols that look like they could be on any corporate logo to YouTube.... Jan 30, 2021 There are 3 alleged pedophile symbols that seem to be very similar to the illustrations seen on these cookies. They include the LBLogo, GLogo,.... The butterfly logo is used by pedophile organizations all over the world. Nederlands: Het vlinderlogo is opgebouwd uit 4 harten: een grote blauwe voor de man,.... pedophiles-a new term for child molesters. The media, profiteers, and well-intentioned zealots all played big roles in this hype and hysteria over missing children... 877e942ab0

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